I stop time and capture pictures so you can enjoy your family and have memories in the field, at home, and on the wall.


Your life is hectic and you juggle all the family calendar.  Your family is growing up fast and you snap pictures all the time, but they stay trapped on your phone because you never seem to have time to download them. You work hard outside and even harder inside. You wish you had 48 hours in a day and you dream about a time to just do nothing...


It is time for a break: for yourself and for your family. A time to relax, to stop the time, to let someone take control of the action and capture your family with YOU included in the pictures!

Digital age is good but overwhelming at the same time. You take so many pictures and nothings is made out of them.

That is the irony of the 21st century: we never took so many pictures, but we never had so few memories...inside a phone, a USB drive or other digital media, you don't see your beautiful family. Let me help you to create memories that you will proudly hang over your house and enjoy every day.

If one of the reasons you want new family pictures is to see them hanging on your walls everyday, I am the right photographer for you.

Some words about the experience with me, when you choose me to photograph your family:

My photo sessions have a consultation first.

That means it requires some extra time with you. We will sit down ahead of time and make a plan for your photo shoot. You will tell me the reason of this session, why you want it and why it is important. We will go through some questions so I can make a good plan and create images that you are happy with. This consultation meeting will get you some peace of mind. When we meet, we will both have a better feeling if you trust me and like me enough to commission me to capture your memories. If you feel like my style, knowledge, personality and investment budget is within your means, then it is a fit and we will scheduled a date that works for both of us. 

I promise not to overwhelm you.

If in the past you had a photographer that only gave you a disc of unedited images, you had a disservice! The day you see your images and place your order will be one of the happiest days for you: instead of a cd that you don't know what to do with, you will have me to guide you through all the process of picking and suggest what is best hanging on your walls, what is best for gifts and what kind of album and book is best for showcasing your images.

A real professional photographer.

I know lighting, I know posing, I know how to talk to people and I am one of the friendliest and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. We will do business together, sign forms, create memories, handle money, hang prints. In the end, you will be glad you chose me and I will establish a real relationship with you. You will call me and I will call you back. You will have the trust that I know what I am doing - because I do!



I have been doing this for years so I know people need some direction. During the session, I take control of the environment, direct people, help them to pose (even toddlers!) and capture genuine expressions. It will sound like a play date for kids and a blessed time for adults. Time will go by fast. All of this with professional lighting standards that will make you smile and wow, showing the beauty and the bond that keep your family together.

Voice and Vision.

I have a mind of my own, and I will use it to help you. I will tell you which image is my favorite. I will help you to pick the right clothing for the session. I will show you which images work better in a collage and which one is the dominant image. I will narrow down to only show you the best images so you don't get confused to choose what goes where. You will NOT be presented with 100 images to choose from. My opinion and vision will guide you through what is best for YOU.

It is not going to be cheap.

Unlike a lot of friends who shoot and give you a disc full of images, my photo sessions have a higher investment than most people offering "professional photography". It will cost more than you think - and more than you spent in the past - but once you see your images hanging on your wall you will know it was well worth it. An investment in your family. What could be more precious?

I offer you a guarantee.

If you are not happy with the images presented to you in your ordering session I will give your money back or we will schedule another session. I want you to be as happy as I am proud of my work.

I am a published author.

When you commission me to have your portraits captured you have the guarantee you made the choice to get someone who has expertise about portraits. I wrote a book about them. My book is called A Portrait a Day: One Photographer's Journey.

Digital files are an option.

I never saw anybody getting excited about being handled a DVD or a USB flash drive but in the modern times the digital files are an option for families who do want to print and send prints to friends and family. If you would like to have digital files and art for your wall to enjoy everyday there is a special digital session. Please call for booking a pre-consultation.

Images will most likely end on your wall.

The ultimate goal of a family portrait is to show off the love for your family as art on your wall. Portraits of your family on the wall help to raise confident children who feel loved and appreciated.

Most people get digital files but also end up walking away with a piece of art that they LOVE to hang up on their wall. When you choose me, you get expertise that was acquired with time to perfect the craft of photography.  Something to make all your friends and family smile.

No more cds on the drawer, USB on a box and pictures on an envelope. Yes you can have those too, but please have in mind that people don't value what they can't see...and I am sure you don't want to put the pictures and media aside for a few days to find out a few years went by and then the next kid is graduating...Unfortunately I hear that too often...

Moreover, with the advance of technology, who knows if media will be readable and compatible with future devices? You don't want to trust the new trend only to know if has failed you. Print your memories and one day they will inherit those memories from you, the best legacy any family can leave behind.

Remember: portraits make you relive the experience of them. You always smile when you look at a picture of your child. 

The question to ask yourself is where do you want to see these images in 10 years? In an album? Above the fireplace? In the hallway where you walk by every day? 

If your photographer does not help you to proudly display your images as ART on your walls and create keepsakes that you will pass on to your kids for generations, he or she is not doing their job.


Sharing online is good, but temporary. Who knows what will be there for your kids when they grow up? If you can't touch it, it is NOT real. You can't trust your memories to a third party company and expect that they will always be there...because they won't. I want you to have a real good time and have real pictures to touch and flip on a book, and real art on your wall...art made of people you love. 

My job as a photographer is to take the weight OFF your busy life. You don't need to think in complicated sizes and measurements and research 500 options of what to do with your pictures. That is MY job. To create beautiful pictures that your family will appreciate and enjoy even more many years down the road.

Let me show you how they will look like in your living room, or hallway, or family room. To help you to hang them and be proud of that. No extra work. Just good memories. Memories you can see every day and touch every day. For REAL.

My portrait sessions are designed to be beautiful. 

I currently offer 4 kinds of sessions, Maternity, Newborn, Families and Senior portraits.

Call 719.963.0481 to schedule your free consultation. Consultation can be in person or on the phone.

Within 2 weeks of your photo session you will have an ordering session where you will be presented with a number of images to choose from. The ordering session is the moment you will see your images and place your order of prints and additional products.

Get ready for the ordering session: it is an emotional and financial investment. This is the day you will be happy you chose me and the day you will pay for your full order. All decision makers should be present (and check books and credit cards handy).

Sessions DO NOT include prints and DO NOT include digital files. You can order a la carte or create your own collections in your ordering session.

Desk prints start at $40.

This is NOT a "go to the mall photo session". It is an experience. Something for you to enjoy. An investment in yourself, your family and your house, because once everything is hanging on the wall, you will never know how could you live without them...

Prints and digital files are sold separately.

Wall prints start at $125.

These are mounted images, treasures to hang, not a piece of paper. 

Session fees are calculated for sessions happening in the Colorado Springs area. Travel fees and related costs to other locations are not included.