January 1, 2015. New Year, new plans. Today, I start a new, ambitious project for 2015, to create a portrait a day and post it here. I have specific GOALS and FOCUS, stated below.


I want to have willing subjects, people I will invite, or people who would learn about this project, somehow, and get in touch with me.

For participating in A PORTRAIT A DAY, you have to agree with the rules of this project (keep reading, the rules are below).

I am looking for interesting people:

By that I mean if you are a talker, or a loner, or have the kind of personality people remember, have a fun hobby or work with something different or unique, have some interesting idea, or interesting location that could potentially be a scenario for the portrait, etc. I don't want to photograph everybody sitting in a couch, although I don't have a problem with that. Show me why you are unique, tell me a story, share a hobby, a journey, something that make us connect as human beings.

THESE ARE THE reasons:

  • I want to make new friends.
  • I want to expand my network.
  • I want to be a better photographer.

let me elaborate on that: 

  • A PORTRAIT A DAY has a specific GOAL: to challenge me to meet more people and get better and better in developing new creative ideas using lighting as my tool. I want to photograph 365 different people in 2015.
  • A PORTRAIT A DAY has a specific FOCUS: a portrait, a representation of you. It focus on ONE PERSON, so these are individual portraits ONLY, hence the name of the project.

These are the rules:

  • You need to be flexible: sometimes the portrait will need to be really early in the day to accommodate my day (and yours), sometimes it could be in the evenings.
  • You need to be in Colorado Springs, CO, where I live, or in the town where I am if I am traveling.
  • You need to sign a model release, a requirement for participating in this project.
  • You need to understand that this is is not a baby, children, headshot, family, fashion, commercial session where you can get a lot of pictures for free. You will get ONE picture in exchange for your volunteer time in participating in this project.
  • There is NO COST for participating in this project.
  • You agree to receive news from me concerning the portrait a day project or other news related to photography and workshops. Your email will be required.
  • You, the participating subject, will receive ONE PHOTOGRAPH, that can be used for PERSONAL USE.
  • PERSONAL USE means you can use this photograph as your likeliness for Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media.
  • COMMERCIAL USE of this photograph is not permitted. If you would like to use this photograph in other commercial ways, we can discuss further terms for licensing and use or you can hire me for a photography session that fits your needs. 
  • In order to use this photograph you need to give credit to SIMONE SEVERO, stating "PHOTO BY SIMONE SEVERO, as part of the project called "A PORTRAIT A DAY", linking this website.
  • You agree in helping me to spread the word about my photography work. If you know anybody needing professional photography for their personal or commercial needs, you will keep me in mind for referring them to me.
  • You need to tell at least one friend to go online and take a look at the project, ask them if they know anybody who would be interested in participating.
  • You need to have an idea so we can work with so your portrait is truly unique to you.


How to participate:

If you understand and are wiling to follow the rules above, you can contact me by submitting your information so I can call you:


Please send me your availability schedule, your phone number and email, which part of town you live, tell me about an idea or clothing you were thinking about and we will go from there. 

I am lining up all the portraits on my daily planner so I make sure all dates have a portrait for fulfilling this project, so you also have to be patient as this will fit my schedule as well and it can take a while.

Not all portraits will make the cut for this project. Sometimes I will have more than one session a day and I will pick the one to be featured in the website at my own discretion.

If you have more questions, send me an email or call me. I am a nice person :)