Dear parents,

It was an honor to volunteer with the school for the girl’s night out event on March 8, International Women’s Day. 

I documented their excitement and friendship in an honest way, to capture their joy and happiness.

I will give these images to the school so you can have them in high resolution.
Once you get them, PLEASE PRINT THEM.

This galley online is for you and the girls to see them faster.

Dear students:

I had so much fun participating in this fun night, photographing you.

I hope you look at yourselves with the same eyes that I do. 

You are beautiful. Just. The Way. You are. 

You are good enough right now. 

You are smart. 

You are funny. 

You are somebody’s daughter, sister, friend, and amazing young woman. You have dreams and hopes and struggles. SO DO I.

BUT…Don’t we all? 

Look at yourselves. You are HAPPY. You are capable. You are your best friend or your worst enemy. But above all, YOU ARE ENOUGH AND YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Nobody needs to validate that. REMEMBER THAT: YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Never let anybody take your worth away. THEY CAN’T, unless you let them. You belong to you.

Your strength, your smile, your dreams, they are yours to keep.


May the memory of your smiles and laughs be always with you. And may these images be a safe place for those days that don’t look so perfect. Chin up. Remember you are worth it and tomorrow is another beautiful day.

God bless.

With gratitude,

Simone Severo,
Photographer, Educator, Book Author, Content Creator, and Print Artist