Portrait Photographer, Simone Severo. Colorado Springs, CO. 719.963.0481.


I have been teaching photography for over 10 years in Colorado Springs. I am proud to say I have helped hundreds of people to see the light, modify it and understand it. 

I am the organizer of a photography group called Beyond the Lens, a photography group hosted at:


The Meetup group is my way to give back to the community. By teaching at a meetup group I engage with our community so they put some time in elevating their skills, for hobby or profession. This is how I got my name out there when I started. 

When you join the Meetup group you pay an annual fee to help to offset the costs of planning, teaching, and keeping the website online. You choose if you only want to attend the FREE EVENTS or invest in your craft for the paid workshops and classes. It is up to you.

If you want to learn photography and you are not sure where to start, Meetup is a great way to join a group and check about photography classes in Colorado Springs.



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