Portrait Photographer, Simone Severo. Colorado Springs, CO. 

Genesis: Understanding Shadow & Light

"Genesis, let there be light" is a workshop that will introduce you to the world in between shadows and light; it is a foundation lighting  workshop where you will learn how to see and understand light—natural and artificial, available or created—in all possible ways.  

This workshop starts with a breakfast, so we can break the ice, relax from the week, get to know each other and set expectations about your photographic purpose for the workshop. 

This is a full day workshop!

Be prepared, you will learn a lot and your brain will be busy!

This is a hands-on-workshop, which will encompass three settings:

  • classroom

  • studio

  • outdoors.

A lovely professional model will be on site for the practical part of the workshop, so you can practice your newly acquired knowledge and start building your portfolio.



Want more information?

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This workshop is limited to only 10 participants.

This workshop is an intermediate level instruction. Prior to participating in this workshop, you will need to submit a selection of images for a portfolio review before being accepted. 





"What you’ll learn is worth far, far more than the price of the workshop!"


"Simone’s teaching style was excellent"


"Now I know how magazines like ESPN do it!"