What to bring:

  • Your camera
  • Good mood
  • Willingness to learn

Natural light workshop

The Natural light workshop will teach you how to see light - and shadows - to create better photographs.

This class was created for people who like to photograph people and would like to have a basic foundation of light and how to use it creatively. 

You don't need any flash for this workshop. All you need is your camera!

Fee is $80 per person and includes a model for you to practice.

This is a 3 hour class and includes a model for you to practice.


  • Seeing the light
  • Understanding light properties 
  • Understanding shadows x highlights
  • Working the location where you are
  • Creating quality portraits
  • Using the available natural light 
  • Creatively selecting shooting angles 
  • Selecting the depth of field that fits your style 
  • Choosing the right lens for portrait
  • Picking your backgrounds 
  • How to choose light modifiers

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Simone Severo