Reflections on the cloud and my memories

I just read an interesting article about the “cloud” and online storage…it got me thinking. Actually, it got me thinking a lot.

I have been thinking about using the cloud to store some of my images or data from the external laptops as a backup. I take a lot of pictures and I am always concerned about their future. I still know where my old negatives are and I have them organized as a librarian would. I can’t say with the same precision that I could find my digital life as fast, if in need of a specific photo for tomorrow…

With software such as Lightroom and online cloud we can organize, catalog, and find images faster, which is nice when you know the keyword, or the month an image was taken. But what if whomever thought of the cloud did not have my structural thinking? What if they failed in the planning phase to consider that not all humans think alike when trying to find something? Or worse, what if nobody thought about how do we structure our minds when we forget something?

There is just a lot more information, a lot more images to go through and an overwhelming amount of time to catalog, store, backup, and who knows what else is coming…

My sister and I are very sad today, because she found out Floca, our 16 year old cat, has cancer, and the kitty has about 15 days to live without pain. It really got me thinking about the importance of those memories to be alive and safe. We want to be able to see them fast, how many times we want and whenever we want. We don’t want to think we can’t see them anymore because the cloud fail, a tsunami hit some island or the stockmarket bankupted.

I have a lot of cds and dvds as a backup system, and I want to believe that as more digital life comes to everybody’s lives, I can update the system that starts to become obsolete with something else that will keep my memories for the future. I am all up for embracing technology, just not blindly.

As I am typing this, googling about the cloud and its options, and editing another picture of Floca, I am in deep thoughts about how important are those memories we can really never re-live, and how permanent memories were created for such important moments of my life. Memories, indeed, are priceless and I ought to pay more attention to them, whether they live in my heart, on in the cloud above my head.

by Simone Severo