Worth and value are two different things

My lips were dry, my heart beating fast and all I could think was please, car, take me home safe. It seemed heavier to drive, a clicking noise, kind of hard to break, but the breaks were new…I was 10 minutes from home.

The next day, really early, I took the car to check it. There was no warning or strange signs during the week, just the clicking noise.

A week later, 3 different estimates and almost a third of the price of the car, it was fixed. I considered buying another one, but changed my mind.

I did not buy the swing I really wanted. I did not go to Paris to visit my sister.  I did not surprise my sweetheart with the dream gazebo or the new lens. I did not paint the bedroom walls or change the curtains. And the said part was that all these together would probably still be cheaper then fixing the car.

For a week, I whined, and complained and dreamed of all the things I did not do. I thought of the times I spent $20 dollars here and $ 50 dollars there, and another dinner here, and another pair of jeans. I understood that I was not mad because I had spent the money to fix the car. Because bad things happen everywhere ,just as much as good things. It is all about perspective. The reason I was mad was because I did not do the things I wanted.

I understood worth and value are two different things. And when money gets compared to money in a period of time, we end by sometimes shifting important things to accommodate others not so important, but we end by spending the money anyway nevertheless. So isn’t it better to spend it to get things that are really worth it??

If I spend $ 120 a month for cable and internet and spend a lot of time in front of  the screen and computer, I think it is fair to say I am getting my money’s worth of entertainment, although I think it is a lot of money in front of the screen. And I can spend the whole year talking about I wish I had the money to go to Paris.

Now I know that going to Paris takes a much higher amount of money in my head (about $ 1200 dollars for a round trip, depending on the time of the year), so making the decision of spending that money in one time will resonate with me for a longer time as I have my own rules about spending bigger sums of money. And yet, at the end of the year, I spend more money watching tv, than going to Paris.

When we spend a lot of money in things that have WORTH, the WORTH increases in our head as time goes by (I don’t know anybody who travels and comes back poorer from the traveling point of view: we come back enlightened, happier, relaxed and with new  adventures to share). Traveling makes our soul richer and our days brighter. New memories, new experiences, great times.

All that brings me to the question of value and worth: if I had bad food for a lot of money...was it worth it? Of course not. After you get sick with food poisoning, no matter how cheap or how expensive a meal was, it is WORTHLESS in your mind. Again, it was a lot of money, but WORTHLESS and no added value in your list of money well spent.

So I learned why Americans don't worry too much and why they go get the things they want when they want them. They learn new things. And try other things, and fall down and have debt, and get up and start all over again. Because it is WORTH it. Because life will happen no matter what. And what is WORTH it in our minds will only increase value in time. And only time can show us that.

What about the VALUE?? Value and worth are not the same thing. Value is just a number. If something is valued $ 1200 worth of a ticket or $ 1200 worth of entertainment, it is the same number. The different is that in our minds we are only spending  $ 120 a month, instead of thinking we are spending $ 1440 a year…it is easier to digest the smaller number.

I try to remember  the difference between  worth and value now that I am paying my fixed car…every time I look at the pictures of my family. They are priceless. Which means I love them more each day and their WORTH increase in my mind. Eventually, what I paid to take them (the value) is forgotten in time, but not their worth.

Enjoy your family today, and remember about this next time you have your family pictures taken! It is just money.