Quinta Questions

By Simone Severo


Quinta Questions: this is going to be a fun one!

I had a brainstorm question with my brother Alex and we both agreed that it was a good idea to start something new at the blog.

You know when you are thinking about a subject for so long and you go to the end of the internet to find the answer? I can relate to that! That's why I have decided to start Quinta Questions. Quinta means Thursday in Portuguese -  a day that lots of people don't have anything major happening - so Quinta will be the day of answering some questions and post the answers in the blog! How does that sound?

Recently I went to Amy Gillespie's signing book event (6 Years in Mozambique: things I haven't told mom) and Amy and her book meant all kinds of inspiration to my photography (but that's another story). Mozambique speaks Portuguese (a sole official language in 7 countries in the planet, according to Wikipedia) and the word QUINTA resonated in my brain with the word QUESTION, so that's where Quinta Questions comes from. I think it goes good together: Quinta Questions.

What is Quinta Questions?

Quinta Questions will be the day of the week where I will answer a few questions received by email about Photography and Lighting. Every week, I will go through my email box and pick the questions that are either hard to answer, very popular, asked all the time (you get the picture) and answer them online, in the blog, for everybody to see.

So this is how it works: you need to send me an email through the blog by going to the contact page. I will read the emails of the week and pick a few questions to make public in the blog and answer them publicly for all the see in the blog. Then, you can comment if you need more information about it and I will try to elaborate on that to clarify questions.

Now this is the rule that will apply to those extra comments: no spam, no "just advertising my product" kind of question. If I see there are people just trying to post links to their own blogs, referring people to other websites or making dirty and useless comments that are not pertinent to the answer, I will delete them. Period.

My intent in creating Quinta Questions is to help the community of photographers out there who are digging the internet to find an answer to a problem they have. Sometimes we all have questions, but finding an answer is hard...

I will do my best to answer the picked questions to the best of my abilities and hope to contribute to the growing knowledge of photographers who do take the time to MAKE new pictures - as in opposite to just TAKE pictures (meaning pressing a button only) - and develop their skills and portfolios.

Quinta Questions: a new day to look forward to answers! What is your question??

Simone Severo