Fitness and headshots

By Simone Severo


She has not done pictures for quite a while and she just started an awesome new business, so I introduce you to Heather Esterline, from Intelligent Pineapple.

Our intention in this session was to come up with some headshots for her website and some basic fitness poses to show her exercising and the overall good shape she is.

As a commited and outgoing personal trainer, she wanted to look good, approachable and professional, so of course I said: I can do that!  (smiling now)

She has modeled before and she was a doll to work with.

We used rim lighting coming at 45 degrees from the back (towards her) in a lot of her poses, to show the definition of her arms and a large softbox as a main light -  45 degrees coming from her left.

In the images here you see the result of this lighting on her. I love the rim light defining her arms and a little bit of light on her face.