Russ has the light

I photographed Russ on December 6.

I planned the sunset time, under the cross, to honor the man of faith I know he is.

He brought his bible, his swords, and his beautiful spirit to have his portrait taken.

When we were done with the session, he came back and looked at me and my friend Mary and said:  "I think I know the greater purpose of us being here now". Then he showed me a paper he found under the cross with a message asking Jesus to help to bring home someone who was lost. We all had chills. He closed his eyes, held my hands and Mary's hands and made this beautiful prayer so the the one was lost would be brought home with the power of God. It was beautiful and powerful. One of the best feelings of the end of a session. We were blessed.

Russ: I hope I honor your beautiful heart with the images I created for you

By the way, before he met at the location of his session, he texted me the bible passage that there was a theme. He text me: Ephesians 6, Armor of God. My sweetheart and I read together and I kind of envision what I should do for his portrait. When Russ arrived, everything was perfect, the stars aligned, the planes crossed the sky, the sunset was colorful and we created together.

Blessed be thee, Russ, always.

Here are your portraits created on December 6, 2015.