The good people of Colorado Springs

Catching up everyday in A Portrait a Day is a work of heart, seriously. Spending four hours a day, as an average, there are days that my brain does not feel like it is all there. Last week, I had one of those. 

It was time to unload the car and bring in all the equipment. The portrait had been done almost 3 hours before and I was working on choosing which image was going to make the cut.

I start to unload when my heart starts pounding: where is my lightstand? Where is my flash? I forgot them at the park. PALMER PARK. THREE HOURS AGO. I called Joseph, the portrait of the day, to ask him if he was still running after the portrait: he said no. I started being said.

I drove all the way back to the park and there they were, both lightstand and flash in the exact place where I left them. I almost had a heart attack thinking I was going to have to buy another flash and another lightstand. I saw lots of people walking around the area when I left and yet, it did not belong to anybody but me, so it stayed there waiting for me. I felt really greatful to the good people of Colorado Springs. So happy to live in my America.

The scare came with a wake up call: I need to label my things. Once I found a camera hanging in the middle of nowhere and I was able to look at all the pictures, do a "detective" research online until I found the owner. If a label were on it, I could have just called her to give it back.

Anyway, that was my good story from last week. Most people are good.