To my beloved mom, an ode to love

 Photo taken by my beloved Michael.

Photo taken by my beloved Michael.

Today I woke up thinking about my mother. Not because it was mother's day, but because it is Sunday and I usually call her every Sunday. Yes, I knew it was mother's day. My mother had told me my little sister was going  to fly down to be with my mom. 

My mother has always been inspiration to me. She thought me so many rules, so useful where I am now in life. 

I wanted to share some things I am so grateful my mother thought me.

I am grateful because she was always honest. She thought me to say the truth and be honest with people.

I am grateful because she always believed in me even in moments I was not so sure. 

I am grateful because we had a clean and organized house. A place for everything and everything in its place is really important when you grow up in 500 square feet. She thought me to desire a clean and uncluttered place and I learned this is essential to have a clear mind and make wise decisions.

I am grateful for believing in working hard. I remember her saying "WORK BEFORE PLAY". If you re happy, be grateful for your work and go work. If you are sad, work harder and forget about it. Make friends in your work: you spend more times with people you work with than with your family sometimes.

I am grateful because she took 7 semesters of college of a course she hated just to set us expectations to want something better from life. She finally left it when we all knew we were going to start and finish.

I am grateful because my mom has a compassionate heart. She helps so many people in so many different ways...I remember her saying we could always share some more if someone needs it.

I am grateful because my mom made her dreams come true out of her hard work and provided for our family with so much love and care.

I am grateful because she gets to travel with my papi who loves her unconditionally and we love him too!

I am grateful because she raised three daughters who love each other and every single member of our family. We would do anything to support and love each other.

I am grateful because she loves me so much I can't even think of how much that is.

Today, as all the other days, I think of my beloved mother, who was lucky to have two of her three daughters with her in celebration of this special day. Above all, today was another beautiful day to love my mother, like all the days of the year.

Mom, thank you so much for everything you always did for me. I love you.

And Happy Mother's Day!

Simone Severo