Stay on path

Stay on path is an advice of unspoken words of my father. He never really said it, but that's how I understood it. 

I remember being really young and father going to work really early. He was never an early person. Neither am I. We just learned how to adapt. He would go work earlier than everybody else because he hated making people wait for him. Going early was his way to serve. He shared many times you need to love what you do. 

He worked in the same place most of his life until he retired. He has been enjoying life much better after retirement. The story of the Stay on Path unspoken words goes like this:

"You spend the brightest and most exciting part of your life working...more than 30 years of your life working. Life is not just work, but it is a lot of work. No matter what you do, sweep the floor, clean the house, run a business...put your heart into it, and do your best to get to a path that makes you happy. It is not worth it to spend the most of your life unhappy. Do what you love, and you are always on vacation, because it does not feel like a burden, but an act from the heart, light, happy, with a purpose." 

For me, I always translated this story as Stay on Path.  That was my interpretation of his words. Every now and then I stumble upon a sign that says "Stay on Path", and I can't help but thinking of my beloved Father saying "do what you love, because you are always going to be happy".

Browsing through my portraits today I found it again, the message: Stay on Path. I am trying Father, I am trying. Let me try to pay it forward: STAY ON PATH!