Visions of Renaissance

Today I had the pleasure to meet a beautiful and nice young lady, a chance meeting, although I believe nothing happens by chance.

She was really friendly and interesting, not to mention elegant. We talked about make up and skin care as most of my girl friends do, and photography, obviously, as I invited her to A Portrait a Day.

I swear I saw her dressed a la Renaissance in the middle of 21st Century Denver, with all those beautiful, modern buildings of steel and glass, in a what should be a contrast of different times. I imagined the shock as if a time machine had transported her to the future and planted her in the middle of the city. I will make a wish many times so it happens: it looks like we have starts tonight!

I have visions of how it will turn. It is ready in my head. There is only one way this could work: in a fabulous way!

Miss Corrina, now that we have exchanged information, I will look forward to connecting with you!

Simone Severo