I will be on tv tonight! Fox News, May 24, 2015, 9 p.m. mountain time.

I am really excited about sharing that Fox News picked the story of the interesting people I photograph every day to be featured locally tonight in channel 21, Colorado Springs, CO. 

While I was interacting and photographing with my lovely portrait of the day, Mimi Tenace, Miss Taylor Bishop was recording for their special featured news. 

I have never been on video before, so I thought I was going to be nervous, but I wasn't. Taylor said " you do your thing, I do mine". I think it worked out pretty well for somebody who had never seen the video camera before. I am used to stills, my passion in life, capturing people, stories, and special moments in their lives.

I am very happy they are featuring this story. It started as a photography project, as I am writing a book about it, but it went way beyond that. Today, it is still a photography project, but it is much more a people project. It is about the new connections and relationships I am creating with my subjects. 

I feel really happy when I say "I got it". I call it the "I got it moment", the second I take a picture and I think it is the one for the portrait of the day. 

Watch tonight, at Fox News, channel 21, 2 9 pm mountain time.