Portrait photography progress


Last weekend I completed portrait number 200 of A Portrait a Day Project. My portrait photography progresses... 

When I look back, it is hard to believe how many hours I have put into this project. Some days are very long. And some days are much longer than others.

For some of the portraits taken our encounter was brief, like the people I approached in a day somebody canceled last minute.

Other days, the interaction and the session time was four hours long...not counting the one hour on the phone, loading the car, driving to and from the session, and all the post workflow that goes into each session.

Alicia was portrait number 200. We met a couple of times before the appointment was scheduled.

In her portrait time I learned she is also interested in photography and she is a great model. It was really one of those days where 15 minutes turned into two hours and a half.

For celebrating portrait number 200 I asked her to hold the 200 sign and I took some extra pictures, both in studio and outdoors. She was very patient and very kind in giving me her time.

As a photographer, I have captured newborn photography, children photography, family photography, senior photography and plenty of headshots and environmental portraits.

I am grateful today to share the good news of "my Portrait a day project is going very well. I am also happy to recognize that I am growing as a human being because I get to meet more people. Likewise, I can see development in being a portrait photographer...my body of work is consistent.

I look at the portraits I have been creating since the beginning of the year with pride and joy. It is a pleasure to look back to each photograph and feel so much accomplishment.

Today is day 207. Another 158 to go. Meet me there and send you friends.