Lost and found notebook

Two weeks ago, I lost my small notebook. The one I take with me everywhere and make some quick notes for the portrait a day. Some phone numbers, some diagrams, some power ratios and ugly drawings that only make sense to me. 

When I get home from my sessions, I journal about what we talked about, what was difficult or challenging, what was fun, notes that I do need to keep so I don't forget about each session.

Despite my phone calls last week, I lost my little notebook. So some of my notes would be lost, since I did not have time to use the notes before I lost it.

This morning, to my happy surprise, one of my portrait subjects texted me she had founded my notebook. It had fallen under the canvas in her studio. Lucky me!

Now I am going to add my phone number and name to the book and put a note: if you find this book, call me.

This is the picture of my little book. If I loose it again, you know how it looks like and you can call me!