of defeat and determination

It is 10:05 pm and I have just arrived home from my portrait a day. I was working during the day and my person was coming to the studio after work. 

At 8:39pm I got a text message saying she was not going to make it. Welcome to my daily life.

I felt said, defeated and about to fail in day 251. Instead, I got mad. I went out to find a stranger at late night so I could still create a portrait I am proud of.

It was too late to post in facebook or call anybody. By the time I loaded the car and left the house to find someone it was 9 pm.

I am back at home and feeling that today the sense of failure and defeat lost for determination and desperation. So far, it has been more than 960 hours of my personal time. I was not going to fail in day 251. 

An umbrella, 2 flashes, a model release and a smile were my tools together with my camera and determination.

I found a person. The Flash and Kendra (whom I photographed last month) was playing volleyball with Mike and he volunteered Mike for my project. Mike likes motorcycles (dirt bikes), basketball and volleyball. A computer guy who said yes at 9:30 at night to my invitation for an outside portrait at this late at night. 

He showed me some nice pictures on his phone, some people whom I have photographed! The coincidences of the photography planet...

When I finished his portrait and I was packing up my equipment on the ground, I hear my name "Simone? Is that you?" It was Alicia, passing by. She is the tennis player whom I photographed a while back for this project. Who else would you expect to see at 9:45 at night with an umbrella and flashes in a parking lot?

I had sweat, anxiety, palpitation...I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I was informed my person was not going to make it. I was lucky I grabbed my camera, packed up the car with my tools and headed out fast. Had I left 20 minutes later and I would have not found The Flash ending his weekly volleyball game at the court. I am convinced I would have founded someone else but it certainly helped he was playing with a lot of people and one of them was available for the project.

Today, defeat lost and determination won. Bring it on! 114 more days to go!