Looking back at 2015

As I reflect about 2015 I realize how many more changes I need to do in my life. Making goals seemed so easy...accomplishing them was another story.

Looking back at 2015 I can see how incredible it was from the perspective of challenging myself,  making new friends, expanding my network and becoming a better photographer. I got that clear from the beginning. 

I did it. I photographed 365 different people for A Portrait a Day project in 2015. Actually, I photographed more - some days I had more volunteers and I had to pick who was going to be the portrait of the day.

I start 2016 under a different light. God's light. As one of my unexpected accomplishments in 2015 I accepted Jesus as my savior, being back to the Cristian life I used to live. As an adult, this decision has major repercussions in my life. I am happier, to start with. I feel lighter and more illuminated. 

One can think this is a religious post, but it really isn't. I is a thankful post. Because of my new choice, I added more positive people in my circle of friends. People who like me and people who trust me and have better hopes for my future. 

I am starting to run away from the darkness. Some people just make your life heavier. 

It is my continuous hope to evolve as a human being, as a photographer, as a friend and partner.

It is my belief that a lot of the people I met in the journey of A Portrait a Day will stay in my life forever. I gained more than friends in 2015: I gained life and laughter and joy. 

2016 is the year to get myself known as an expert photographer, and the year to published my first book. Write it down. It will be another amazing journey! I would love to see you in the path of light again!

Simone Severo

January 3, 2016.