"It is Christmas early" - Justin and Sharlyn's wedding slideshow

In the end of September 2016 I photographed the most beautiful wedding in the mountains of Granby, Colorado. Justin and Sharlyn have known each other forever and all their friends said "it was about time" when they started dating. In the most beautiful day of fall, when one day before their wedding snow fell into the mountains, they got married. I was the lucky one capturing this special day.

Today I delivered their prints and the first think I heard was "It is Christmas early", something I have heard before but it always makes me feel happy. They are beautiful, they are young and they love their pictures. What more can I wish?

As I love surprises, I did not tell them that the slideshow of their wedding would go public tonight. As a wedding photographer, I love small weddings, where not only I can be sure I captured all the beautiful moments, but also make sure I know everybody's name by the end of the party. Well, I did not tell them the slideshow was going live because I wanted them to be super excited when it would go live!!

Remember to love each other, to forgive each other, to respect and protect each other.  My wish is to always be there when you need me. As a photographer and as a friend. 

I love you guys!!

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Simone Severo