As winter gets closer

Everybody who knows me knows how much I love fall and winter.

This is the season to get things done. It is November and people are starting to review their lives and get ready for the holidays, and they feel rushed. I guess I come from another planet because this is when I get things done without the urge to run and be faster. I take my time. 

I appreciate fall for its brevity - I wish it would last 3 months of color - but I am very grateful for those windy days when the whole town is colorful and people are taking walks and going to the park. Soon you see less people around as it gets colder.

I love winter because it is a time to think more, to write more, to read more, and to teach more classes. Lots of people feel the cabin fever feeling of winter, including me, who love to go out and see people but don't want to feel cold -weird, huh? I also love it because I see more people. People are too busy in summer going everywhere...

As winter gets closer, I made a bigger pile of clothes that drain my energy and need to go...away. To someone who may need them. To make room for energy to flow - no need to get more clothes, we really don't need that much. 

Time to make new plans. I am still writing my second book and I question if it will be ready for Christmas. I forgive myself for the steps that did not help my life, and move on. I keep writing until it is ready.

Today is a little chilly out there and I enjoyed seeing the outside from the inside. I cleaned. I feel awesome. I just finished editing a family session. I selected new images to go to instagram, I keyword new images to be part of my photo library. I looked into old photos and new ones I have just took. And tonight I am cooking from scratch.

As winter gets closer, the crisp air brings new hopes. Music plays in the house and I feel inspired.

As winter gets closer my best friend might move soon. For  that I was not prepared. If it really happens I will have to learn how to live without knowing she is physically close. I take another deep breath. It might be really the time for changes.