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I am always surprised by how many people get new cameras every year and by how disappointing the images posted online keep coming almost non-stop - and to hear people complaining about how much they spent on the equipment instead of education!

Do you every feel like you swear you just got the most amazing picture just to look at it and feel like it does not translate to what you felt? That is is really true!

Unfortunately, the fact that we go into a place, get a new camera, take lots of pictures does not make any of them any better. Let me explain...

You know the feeling... the cruise was wonderful, the food was impeccable and if you could just see what we just ate...but you forgot to take those pictures...and all your friends can see is the crumbles of whatever is leftover. If you can't show it, it does not exist. It takes some mind shift to take pictures, just like it takes some mind shift to become a parent. Kind of major, actually.

The problem that technology cannot solve about photography is that owning a better camera does not make you a better photographer just like owning a nice car does not make you a better driver or owning a famous chef's knife does not make the cake taste better. It is a fact. 

What makes a better cake, a better driver and a better photographer is the time you put into thinking, learning your craft, planning what it is going to look like, pre-visualizing and changing some bad habits that were acquired through life.

I have been teaching photography classes and photography workshops in Colorado Springs for almost 10 years. I have seen people get better and literally helped them to "see the light", a look in their eyes that I never forget.

I have been teaching in the Colorado Springs Creative Photography Group since its foundation in 2007 and I am the organizer of Beyond the Lens photography group. 

If you are planning to become a better photographer in the next year or so I urge you to put some hours of work on it. Take more pictures, enjoy more moments, join a photography group, buddy with a friend, take a class or two and get feedback that can help you grow.

Photography memories do not come with the emotion you felt when you captured an image or tasted the best takes some trained eye to be able to recognize the scene, or moment, and the knowledge of your tools to make that instant, without the hassle of fighting the equipment you use.

In less than 4 weeks we are saying goodbye to 2016. Let's make 2017 more memorable.  When making your wish list for the next year, write it down a new one: to take some photography classes and work on your craft.

We all make new plans that fail and there is always an excuse: we don't have enough time. Well, we are all given 24 hours in a day. It is how you organize them and your priorities that make them different. Maybe you need to switch some around to make time for yourself.

When I started in photography I made myself a promise, to be better every day. If you are going to embark in the photography train, just know it is life changing: like learning how to can never forget. From the moment you start, it is going to be forever.

My suggestion is to take an artist date with yourself. Once a week, put it in your planner: to spend one hour photographing a subject. Then, add another hour to study, edit and think about what you meant, what you captured, what you achieved and how you can do better the next time.

It gets better and easier the more you do it. I hope to meet you soon in my photography classes in Colorado Springs. I am planning a photography class at the Library 21C, in Colorado Springs,  in January 10, 2017!

Simone Severo


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