Cool gifts for your photographer friends

 A rare moment in my life: with my family.

A rare moment in my life: with my family.

In this Holiday season, I thought of compiling a list of cool gifts you can give your photographer friend. In no necessary order, a list of cool gifts for photographers:

Memory cards - we use memory cards all the time. Sometimes we misplace one until we find it again in the other camera bag or pocket. SD memory cards are the most popular but some cameras have different types. If you know the friend, pay attention to which camera they use so you know what kind of memory card to buy (google can tell you what kind of memory card a specific camera uses). 

Backpacks - I am the first one to admit I used to think that there was a perfect backpack for all my needs...until I realized each day is different. Sometimes I need a backpack for the day hike and sometimes a backpack that can fit the laptop, and other times just one lens and all kinds of crazy accessories, depending on what kind of photography I am working on a day. With the fun and healthy competition, backpacks can run from 30 to over 300 dollars, depending on brand, size and popularity.

A reflector5-in-1 Collapsible Multi Disc light reflector - Those are lifesavers! They can bounce light, diffuse light, warm light and absorb light. When collapsed, they are about 15 inches in diameter and they come in a convenient bag. I love mine!

Photo and card Holder - This is an easy way to show pictures - The Photo and Card Holder with magnets, for all those pictures that your friends take all year and you never see! The photo rope is simple and yet so useful for changing images and showcasing them often. 

A fun photo display - The Umbra photo display - I have one of those and I love it! I am a member of a postcard club, where I receive postcards from random people and send postcards to random people and this is how I show my pictures. Super fun and easy to hang on the wall!

An instant cameraThe Fuji Instax Wide 300 - or, like I call it: "The Fujiroid". If you are a little nostalgic about film photography this is a quick and relatively inexpensive fix. You add instant film made for it and... voila, you have instant photo printing before your eyes! I have the previous model, that was improved with this model - only difference is that the Fuji Instax Wide 300 has a hole on the bottom for a tripod and the one I have do not have that capability. 

Film for your FujiroidInstant Film for Fuji Instax Wide - that's where the fun is, instant print! It is ISO 800, so you can only use it indoors or when the light is lower in the day - not in the sun! I take lots of pictures just for fun to send my family by snail mail.

A speed light flash - Flash Neewer TT660 This is a manual flash, but very handy for Canon and Nikon users. In the website there are mixed reviews about the use of this flash with other brands. I personally have 4 of the same model and I love it!! I use them with my Canon 6D, also with the Canon 40 D and Canon 60 D but I have tested them with Nikon cameras and they worked as well. I have used this flash model as a slave as well. I also had a couple of my flashes fall from 6 and 7 feet high and they are still working! They are tough and I have used them non stop for over 400 days - everyday - and they keep on going!

A Wireless flash trigger system: I use the Yongnuo Yn-622C-TX for Canon as a transmitter and a Yongnuo YN-622c as a receiver. The system works with my Neewer TT660 flash (despite the brand being different). It makes the flash trigger, even if behind a wall. All manual, no controlling of zoom or power, but i love it. 

Rechargeable batteries - Photographers need lots of them and it gets costly.  Rechargeable batteries are a great asset and I they last kind of forever (close to 10 years).

A coffee cup that looks like a lens: all photographers who are Canon and like coffee like the coffee cup that looks like a lens. I love mine!

Hoodman Loupe - I don't know how I ever lived without one. The Hoodman Loupe  is a genius invention, a loop that allows you to actually see your viewfinder to double check sharpness in the picture in bright outdoors light. Every photographer needs one. They come in two sizes, for LCD of 3 inches and LCD of 3.2 inches.

A nice tripod - I love Manfrotto! This is the new model of the one I got a couple of years ago. You also need to add a ball head to support the camera for easy use.

A ball head for the tripod - one that can hold some weight - Mine is the Manfrotto 498RC4. There are many kinds of ball heads for manfrotto tripods. It is important for you to research how much weight they can hold as the heavy lenses can fall on the ground, ruining your lens, if you use a bullhead that was not designed for heavy lenses.

External hard drive - How would I live without mine? If you are like me, you take at least 20 THOUSAND pictures a year. We eat storage devices. Pictures need space until they get processed and printed. Bring them on!

That family photo you took of him/her but never showed anybody. Photographers are almost never on pictures because they are taking the pictures, so make it a surprise and print the snapshots you took of them and make it a gift. 

Books - There are so many great books for photographers! I am about to publish my second book  in 2016! My list of books will come in my next blog post but start your research if you don't want to wait for my recommendation. Meanwhile, I will share my own, published in 2016: A Portrait a Day: One Photographer's Journey. My first books was sharing the portraits and stories of my project A Portrait a Day, where I photographed a different person, every day of the year, in 2015. By the way, if you are in Colorado Springs and you would like to acquire a signed copy I have some books at hand. Just message me or text me at 719.963.0481.

Until the next post!

Simone Severo