More photography books for those cold days

I could not resist in sharing more books that deserve some room by your nightstand, living room or bookshelf. Here we go: another 10 books to make those cold days more fun this winter!

Humans of New York: Stories. Author: Brandon Stanton

The day I got Humans of New York: Stories I was really impressed with the author's determination in meeting strangers. The stories connect us all as human beings. Now that the cold days are really here I see all of you sitting warmly at home with a cup of coffee or tea and browsing though the photographs and reading the stories. Brandon has been photographing people in New York and interviewing them for quite a long time. I enjoy a lot to read his blog and I love his books.

Portraits: Steve McCurry. Author: Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry was one of the first photographers I ever heard of and I a ma big fan. A photographer for decades he has visited so many countries and photographed dozens if not hundreds of different cultures. If you like people, you will love Portraits.

The New Art of Photographing Nature: an Updated Guide to Photographing Stunning Images of Animals, Nature, and Landscapes. Author: Art Wolfe

I love Art Wolfe. His work is very honest and inspiring. His landscape and animal pictures re phenomenal and there is always some explanation about the place, the light or the situation where the image was taken. You get to see amazing high quality photographs and learn something new each time. It is like revisiting an old friend each time. The New art of photographing nature: an updated guide to photographing stunning images of animals, nature, and landscapes is a book to be inspired.

Karsh: a Biography in Images. Author: Yusuf Karsh. 

If you have ever seen the famous picture of Winston Churchill, Karsh is the photographer who took it. He has photographed many icon leaders of the 20th century and his style is very strong. Great pictures and great black and white photographs with a lot of history on it. I love this book.

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision. Author: David DuChemin

For those who know me, I am all about vision. When I take my pictures I know how they will look like when printed (for the most part). In his book Within the Frame: the journey of photographic vision, David talks about how the message is much more important than the tool. In a journey to know what do you want to say, he explores everything that comes before you press the button. Great discussion and lots to think about. 

Photography Q&A. Real questions. Real Answers. Author: Zack Arias.

You don't know Zack?? where have you been?? He is absolutely awesome and an inspiration for the photography community. the kind of photographer you want to sit at a table and drink a bottle of wine and talk photography with, all night! It is in my ticket list to meet him in person! 

His book has a very clean design with questions and answers that lots of photographers think about but never ask! Get it!

Photography: 50 Most Influential Photographers of All Time. Author: Chris Dickie.

Here is a fun and easy to read book. It is a compilation of 50 names you should know in the photography industry. I like spending time getting acquainted with some of the names we hardly hear about. Fun book.

In the American West. Author: Richard Avedon.

This is an out of print classic book about the famous Richard Alvedon. He was the first staff photographer in the history of "The New Yorker". His project "In the American West" became this famous book. You can get the third party expensive books or borrow from the library but you have to know about him! 

Fine Art Nature Photography. Author: Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet is known for his stunning landscapes and closeups. If you like flower photography, abstract images and beautifully composed art images, this is definitely a book for you!

Julius Schulman: Architecture and its Photography. Author: Julius Shulman

I have watched documentary about his life and it was fabulous, then I went after his books. If you like architecture photography you should know he was the most important photographer of architecture in the 20th century. He lived 99 years and his photography is just stunning! Julius Schulman: Architecture and its Photography is a book to browse many times.

I hope you like them and have a fun day!

Simone Severo