A Christmas message

Today I am so happy to celebrate Christmas. I went out in the morning still to do some shopping. While I was in line, waiting the store to open, I talked to a few people, all in great spirits, who were also happy to get something to a loved one in the season where we give gifts to celebrate Jesus' birth.

Waiting out in this beautiful day I looked to the mountains and asked myself 'what do I want". And I realized how fun it is to have a wish list, but at the same time, the more time goes by the more I realize that the things I really want can't be bought.

So here to celebrate this special weekend I share what I want for Christmas - and always:

I want to be always healthy so nobody needs to take care of me. I want to keep having the freedom of speech to express myself. I want to see my friends more often and to call them when I think about them.

I want to take more pictures that are meaningful and priceless to someone who will pass them on to the next generation. I want to get more than 3 minutes of sunshine a day, to sit in the bench in the park and watch the sunset in the mountains.

I want to make new friends and keep my old ones, wherever they are. I want to celebrate all birthdays, and laugh more. To hear my cousin Angela's laugh and my brother Alex's voice. I want to see my family and be more thankful for all blessings I have been granted so far. To walk hand in hand with my sweetheart and hear his soul. To visit some unknown places, drink more wine, and look to the sky.

I want to hear the ocean, to see the fluffy snow fall outside, read more books.

I want to teach more classes, write some more and be proud of my accomplishments.

Maybe I want some more chocolate. 

I also want to be able to forgive more, and pray more. 

May your Christmas be beautiful with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Simone Severo