Major changes in the photography industry

I don't know how much you follow photography but I like to see a lot of websites about rumors, announcements, official news and also follow amazing photographers on 500px, instagram and other websites.

For a few years camera sales have been decreasing while the new line of cameras lead by Sony have been taking the industry with their smaller sizes and technology. Likewise, Fuji and Olympus have developed mirrorless cameras and there is even a comeback of instant cameras to print images immediately, polaroid style.

While there is a silent war of brands and types of cameras competing with the cell phones, the younger generation born in this century have transient memories  - instant and soon forgotten or buried over more online posts. Sadly, the most photographed people ever cannot hold those memories, or hang them on the wall, or open the album and show the family, because at least once a year their phones die or get upgraded and those phones end up in the drawer of forgotten cables and paraphernalia.

I say we should all print more, have something to show, a tangible memory that you can leave in your family once you live this world.

Brands fight, families fight, friends fight. But real memories are something you can touch and they are pretty much forever.

Whether you have a phone, a mirrorless camera or DSLR or any other kind of camera, I hope you take time to cherish the memories that mean the most to you. I hope you put time to learn your hobby or craft to become better at being a story teller, a composition creator, a people poser, a sharper photographer, an art director, and a lighting expert. 

Cameras do not take pictures. People take pictures. And some people have something to say, something that speaks louder, sharper, clearer and more beautiful to the eyes of the viewers than other people.

If you are a photographer or are thinking of getting better at taking pictures, I urge you tithing about to grow, invest in yourself, in education, in classes, in meetings, in workshops. Learn every tool that will make your voice be the one that stands out, tells a story or captures that beautiful moment in your life.

If you are a normal person who has not heard anything about photography: just know that photography is alive and kicking and there has never been a better time to capture your family and memories.  

The changes in the industry and technology also motivate me to be better, to challenge myself and to develop deeper relationships with friends and clients who want better memories and quality photography in their lives.

I love being a photographer. Seeing from within (my heart) is a good gift received from God that I try to improve on every day. 

May your day be blessed!

Simone Severo