To old friends and new friends from my book signing

You know the feeling of being loved and appreciated by who you are and what you do? I hope you do, because I do. My friend Taralyn Quigley was kind to take some pictures of the book signing event for A PORTRAIT A DAY: ONE PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNEY and I wanted to share with you.

Tonight I want to share the wonderful feelings I had in my first book signing for my book A Portrait a Day: One Photographer's Journey. And share the images Tara took of us.

Many of you I had seen just once, and some kept in touch through the year. Some, actually became friends for life. And yet, so many people came to see me and meet other people and get the book last week.

My first book signing was celebrated with some food, some drinks, and great connections. It was a time of happiness and achievement and great laughs. A great time to see my old friends and a time to re-connect with new friends. A wonderful time.

Thank you all for making me feel so accomplished and dearly loved. Thank you for your time and effort to be there last week. Thank for the ones who participated in the project, but could not be present. Thank you for the ones far, far away who were with me in spirit.

A new door opens to me in life...and a new path is ahead...I can feel it.

I wish we can see each other this year, at least one more time. I wish all of you truly become my friends. 

To you, who made this project possible, THANK YOU.


Simone Severo

Photographer and Author