10 reasons why you should take professional headshots at least twice a year

Professional headshots are a must in today’s world. We have just as much social life - or more- than real life and a lot of times the first time that a prospect, an employer or a client see our face is online.

If you are like most people, you have an “ok” picture, or “avatar” in your social media profiles, but that is most likely an old picture you took forever ago and it does not look professional or capture your true personality.

Be aware that your image is important: your photo is more than the person you see in the mirror. Your professional headshotcan convey your spirit, your warmth, a friendly face or serioussness. It puts your face in context and it says a lot about you.

Here are 10 reasons reasons why you should update the old picture you have online, the real reasons why you should take professional headshots at least twice a year:

  1. To keep your name and face in front of your clients or employers
  2. To keep it real and fresh as we change hair color, hair style, and the way we dress
  3. Personal lives change and the way we look at life changes the way people perceive us
  4. We age and most of us do not see our real selves in the mirror: we see what we want to be or what we want to see, and maybe sometimes we don’t really see the wonderful person we are - we are too critical for that. So we get surprised as how we really look when we see our own picture
  5. Social media is part of our online identity and people associate your “avatar” photo with you and what you do
  6. Keeping up with your image shows that you care about keeping your relationships and you want people to recognize you
  7. There are too many websites where you have friends or acquaintances who do not see you often: professional headshots show that you are professional about handling your own image online and keeping up with your network
  8. Everybody needs a professional image for their Linkedin, facebook, and other sites where you constantly post and build your platform of expertise
  9. People live in a visual culture: they remember you if they see youin front of their eyes all the time
  10. We gain or lose weight, change lifestyles, become athletes or rest some more and they way we look should reflect those life changes so people honestly can recognize us.
  11. If you haven’t given any extra time to think about managing your online image, it is time. Take some deep breath and call me to create your new professional headshot! 

I will be delighted in being the one responsible for creating your new professional headshot in Colorado Springs and surrounded areas!

Simone Severo