Professional Photographer Simone Severo

Last week I had a super fun time photographing John Zincone and talking about about my life as a photographer, the finished project "A Portrait a Day", the publication of my first book and the follow up with the almost out of the oven project two, which will be the publication of my second book in 2017.

Some people have seen the family portraits that I create and have liked the professional headshots I took but did not have a chance to see who I am or have a feel for my personality. This video is like a basic introduction of who I am and I hope it gives you a "feel" about if I am the right photographer for you - or not. 

This is my first video. I never used video before. I have been on TV a couple of times but this experience felt much more personal and intimate and I thought John captured who I am really well in a very informal environment, my own home studio.

If you have seen the photography I create or attended the photography and lighting classes I have been teaching for 10 years you already know I love people and I have a blast every time I make new friends.

I have a love affair with dramatic lighting, creating family portraits and professional headshots. My images are much more dramatic than the ones you see everywhere else and they have personality for sure. I believe it is in the absence of light that we show what are we made of and who we are.

Voila, this is me, Simone, Severo, professional photographer in Colorado Springs. I am proud of my photography achievements and I am always looking for more opportunities to partner with businesses, serve my clients, and make new friends.

Click in the picture to watch the video.