About postcards and how I love to receive and send them

When I was 14 years old I started writing letters to strangers, in my English penpal club. Teenagers from all over the world would write letters to other teenagers to practice English and make friends. I did this for over 10 years. 

I used to send and receive letters, stamps, stationary, photos, magazines and postcards to countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Sweden, England and so many others. I loved writing and keeping in touch so much that even when people would write from another country my wrong address in my street I would still receive the letters because the mail main knew me!

It was a blast, a cultural experience and a learning tool to improve my writing skills.

In 2015 I found out about a website from Portugal that has the same concept of penpal friends: to send something tangible to other people who appreciate receiving more than just bills. You send and receive postcards. That is how postcrossing came to my life. The website is www.postcrossing.com 

You sign up, with your real name and address and you agree to send a real, physical postcard, to some random people in the world. For every postcard you send, you receive one from a random person in the world. 

It has been over a year and I have sent and received about 150 postcards total. Being a photographer, everything related to images is fun and well received. I have received postcards that are vintage and show early 1900's postcard reproductions, beautiful landscapes, portraits and even a postcard from a 12 year old whose mother helped her to color the postcard. And also a  postcard from a mother who is sending postcards in the name of her baby so the baby grows up knowing more about the world.

Photography has always been the thread that keeps my life together but receiving postcards is a beautiful surprise that enriches my life. If you are short of inspiration to practice your photography I would recommend this super fun experience. It makes your day more fun to arrive home and check the mail. 

I just wanted to share and spread the word because it is just fun and you may like it.

Have a blessed week!

Simone Severo