More fun with family photography

As a family photographer in Colorado Springs, I cheer for anything that can help the everyday life of families, especially when it concerns to photography, of course. To me, all those every day moments are special, and I want you to take pictures of your family just as much as I want to be your family photographer. 

You see, I can’t be there all the time, but you can. If I could give you one advice that would be to have your beautifully captured moments of everyday life printed. 

As a professional family photographer I am always happy when my clients decide to have their images printed instead of having them stored in a digital device in a drawer. I totally understand we live in the digital age - I take about 30 thousand pictures a year - but there is nothing like touching and looking at a real photograph to make it feel real.

Since most people don't work with a professional photographer every month, I always educate people to take their family pictures everyday. I wish everybody would just follow my advice for that and then print those images. 

To add to the fun everyday moments, the famous and 80 year old Polaroid brand announced yesterday a new product that I will be happy to test when it comes out: the 21st century polaroid camera. It is called Polaroid Pop, an instant digital camera that prints pictures sized 3x4, just like in the old times.

Apparently, the new camera/printer will be in the market for the 4th quarter of the year. According to Polaroid, the camera will use their technology of Zink Zero ink print and the photos will print in under a minute with no ink, as the Zero ink has the colors built into the paper.

I will keep an eye on that product!

For those who do not know, for over a year I have been using what I call my “Fujiroid” camera, an instant camera from Fuji, to send my family real prints, just for fun, of my everyday life, on top of constantly printing and mailing them regular prints. 

I mail the photographs I take with the Fuji Instax to my family with hand written letters in an orange envelop that brings them an instant smile every time they see the colorful envelop in their mail box. I hear from my family that all the photographs I send them make them happy. Like my sister says, “in the world where we only receive bills it is so nice to receive a letter with family photos”.

If you would like to see more details about the new product from Polaroid, the link is here:

Polaroid Pop announcement:

If you need a family photographer this winter, I am available for portraits!

Have fun and stay warm in this cold season!

Simone Severo