Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2017 - official photographer

I was so excited in being part of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival as one of their official photographers! Both my sweetheart, Mike, and I, photographed the event all day long in a double shift to capture the energy, beauty, art, food and colors of the festival.

In one of the most important art events in the country I happened to fall in love with a photograph that I bought. I cried when I saw it and I knew I had to have it. After I met the photographer I told him my story of visiting Quebec almost 20 years ago: I did not buy a beautiful art I saw at the time because I thought it would be ruined in the luggage...and I regret it to this day!  We talked about his beautiful black and white photography and I came back home as an art buyer!  A happy one! Within 10 minutes of getting home, the photograph was hanging on my wall. Now I can walk by it every day and enjoy it.

This is the photographer from whom I bought the photograph, Daniel Powers:

At The Cherry Creek Arts Festival I took images of many artists. If you are in one of the images, please email me and let me know which number is your image so I can send it to you!

To see all the images I took at the Festival, please visit the link below:

Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2017