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off camera flash workshop

Please be on time.

Class will be held at Rock Ledge Ranch, by the American Mother's Chapel

The American Mothers' Chapel is located on the continuation of the Garden of the Gods Park property at the intersection of 31stStreet and Chambers Way, Colorado Springs, CO. It is next to the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, south of the Garden of the Gods' big entry sign. 

May 6, 2017

From 8:30 am to 11:30am.

Colorado Springs, CO, 80904


Please bring your DSLR camera with a memory card and full battery (and extra battery, just in case).

Bring extra batteries for your flash, if you have a flash.

If you have a flash and a trigger system, bring it.

Make sure you have a universal hot shoe on your camera (usually Nikon DSLR and Canon DSLR have it) or an adapter to a universal hot shoe, so you can use the wireless radio trigger with your camera.

If you have questions, please call me: 719.963.0481

Simone Severo