What to bring:

  • Your DSLR camera
  • Your flash(if you have it)
  • Your trigger system (if you have it)

You don't have to bring flashes and your system if you don't own own one. The idea is: bring it if you have it so I can help you to understand it.

If you have not bough any flash yet, this is a perfect class for you! I will show you what I do and how I use it and hope it makes flash an easy experience for you.

Once you learn all the basics, you will make an informed decision in getting your own system, and you will learn a lot!

Off-camera flash

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, but don't do much with flash — this is the class for you to learn off-camera-flash.

This is a foundation off-camera-flash class will teach you how to inexpensively create an off-camera flash system that will serve you well and how to use it. 

I will make flash easy to understand.

Fee is $99 dollars per person - class is 3 hours long.


This class will save you money. In this class, you will learn that you don't have to spend a lot of money for an off-camera flash system. I will teach you how for a fraction of the cost of a brand-named speed-light, a very good flash system can be purchased and configured.

You will also learn how to combine a speed light, radio trigger, and off-the-shelf soft-box to create a flash system that's hard to beat.

There are many ways to use off camera-flash. This class will help you to understand the basics and know what to buy if you have not yet invested in speed lights for your camera, and how to use the flash, off camera, in manual mode.


  • Speed light basics: what you really need

  • Understanding the speed light flash
  • Lightstands 
  • Triggering systems: radio x infrared
  • Light modifiers for speed lights
  • How to soften flash
  • Camera brand x third party flash
  • How to configure your camera for flash
  • How a master and slave flash work together   
  • How to assemble an off-camera flash system for your camera
  • Balancing natural light with flash
  • Setting up for portraits with the speed lights


You will learn a lot and you will be informed to make a decision of which options are good for you before you invest in a flash system.

I am looking forward to seeing you in this class.

Simone Severo