For over 20 years I have been capturing people with still photography. I have photographed people under all kinds of lighting, providing them with memories that hang on the wall, not the kitchen drawer.

In my journey to grow as a photographer, I am committed to be better every day and constantly improve my photography knowledge and lighting skills. 

I have led photography workshops for hundreds of people over the years, with the confidence that people walk away with more than when they walked into the room. When their eyes sparkle and they see the do I.

Likewise, I have photographed hundreds of people, forming personal bonds and creating real friendships.

I am the Organizer of Beyond the Lens, a photography group in Colorado Springs, CO, where I teach photography workshops. I am constantly investing in making my craft a better one.


My Goal

To create photographs that hang on the wall, not the kitchen drawer. To make every next picture better than the previous one. To serve my clients in a genuine style. To form relationships that last.

Some things I am grateful for

  • Sunrises and sunsets. The light is so transient and so magic...sunrises and sunsets are a source of magic and inspiration to my heart.
  • My wonderful family. That includes sisters, cousins, mami, papi, father, and the extended family, including friends who are family. 
  • My love for light. I am grateful for the way I can see it, modify, add, subtract, and control it to fit my vision. 
  • People. Grateful for people who I meet wherever I go, and for the chance to make them my friends if they allow me that.
  • Chocolate. They need to be part of my life, even if only so often. Believe me, I would be like the Grinch without it.
  • Prints. I love the way my vision comes to life when I can touch the final result of my creation. When I have my images printed they are really magic, an instant frozen and immortalized in something I can touch.
  • Airplanes. the biggest invention EVER. To think that ton of steel can fly with all my luggage but I can't.
  • Books. How could I ever be where I am without them? I am grateful for my curiosity who keeps me reading more books than I ever thought possible and for my desire to learn more each day. 
  • My sweetheart, who treats me like a princess every day and makes me feel special. 
  • The mountains. I am forever refreshed by looking at them and reminding myself that they can't change, but I can. Their beauty inspires me every day.
  • My cameras. Looking at them and realizing they are just a tool, and then realizing they are just an empty box that I control. Ho much light, how fast, how much to show...I love the way cameras are a beautiful way to capture life within a frame.
  • Coffee. I like it black. With sugar. Simple. The proof that coffee shops are doing something right is the existence of coffee and tables inside. Coffee gathers people around tables all over the planet. And makes people happy.
  • Flowers. Yellow. Pink. Purple. Love flowers, specially tulips and lilies.