My wedding with my Sweetheart

For all those who have known me for a know Mike is usually called "My Sweetheart". Mike and I got married on September 28th, 2017. After a week of non-stop rain, we had a drizzle in the wedding time, which was better than the monsoon rain we had all week.

Some do not know the story of when he proposed to me: he made me believe we were going out for hike in March because it was going to be a beautiful sunny day in the 70's in the middle of winter. I believed him. He made me pack the camera, lenses, tripod, flashes, lightstands, so we could take another picture together (because we do not take enough pictures). I loved the idea!

So there we went to this hike in Muller State Park (we never made it). It was freezing cold! AS we drive through the road that takes to Woodland Park, he gets off towards Green Mountain Falls and I ask if we are taking a short cut. He naturally answers we have to stop, the pond is frozen (and I like frozen ponds).

He asks me to setup the light stand and the flash and poses for me to set the focus and I set the timer for 10 seconds to run to the picture so we do a self portrait of both of us together. That's when he quickly puts the ring in my finger and asked me to marry him. I asked him why. And he said the words I will never forget: "Because I am not perfect and you are not perfect but we are perfect for each other and I love you." I said yes.

Below you see the pictures of our engagement.

On September 28th we got married and my professional photographer Roz Otsuka, from Roz Otsuka Studios, captured this day for us.

We could not have been happier. We laughed all day. We only have good memories.

As a professional photographer picking the photographer that tells the story of this day was such an important decision...and the best we made together besides marrying each other. Roz Otsuka did a fabulous job and we can't wait to have our album ready!

She helped my best friend and sister Taralyn Quigley to decorate the church and the reception like I could have never done it.

It was such a happy day. 

On this rainy September, we had our intimate ceremony. Among wonderful friends, we said yes to each other. My Father walked me down the short isle of my favorite spot in Colorado Springs, the tiny church at Rock Ledge Ranch, by Garden of the Gods, and we cried together.

Here are the pictures, divided by Preparation, Ceremony and Reception. A few extra images are being prepared with extra care and will be added later.

Our grandson also took pictures and he has his own printed album of all images he took with the DSLR camera at 5 years old.

To Roz Otsuka, thank you for being there in the right time for everything! To my best friend and sister Taralyn Quigley: your love and helpful heart is your legacy!



These are the images of us preparing for the wedding




These are the images of the wedding ceremony at Rock Ledge Ranch


These are the memories of our wedding at Biaggi's, where the reception was held