Simone Severo, portrait photographer

Hello there! 

I can't wait until I create an amazing portrait of you!

I would love to celebrate with you the person you are right now. 

Having a portrait taken is an empowering and vulnerable experience that connects you with your own emotions and personality. Let me create something beautiful for you. 

Call 719.963.0481 and let's schedule a consultation to plan your session. 

With gratitude,

Simone Severo

Why me?

I understand you have the choice of many photographers out there, so thank you for considering me as your personal photographer. Yes, i make it personal.

Photography Standards: 

Member and Approved by Professional Photographers of America to teach under their umbrella. It is an honor to volunteer with professional Photographers of America and being approved by them to teach photography under their umbrella to elevate my industry. Only a few people are accepted and it makes me to always look forward to grow more and teach more.

Member of Professional Photographers Guild of  Colorado Springs

I attend monthly continuing education for professional improvement. Our local chapter has excellent reputation. By hiring a professional photographer who is invested in keeping herself updated with our industry you know you get high quality skills to create the most beautiful photographs to you.

Expert in Posing and Lighting:

Over of 20 years of experience and on constant assignments for growing my craft. I learned photography on my own, buying VOGUE Magazines and looking at pictures with a magnifier, deconstructing light, recreating images. I put time and effort in my personal assignments so I feel fresh in my thinking and have an on-demand database of lighting experiences in my mind at all times to serve my clients in the best way possible.

Published Author: 

I spent a year on a self-assignment to publish my first book about photography in 2015. You can find my book and some of my printed photography experiences at:

“A Portrait a Day: one photographer’s journey”

Insured Photographer: 

I run my business like a business and I carry liability insurance to protect my clients and my business.

Mentoring and being mentored: 

I spend a lot of time teaching upcoming photographers and I work with a mentor to keep growing my own skills. Knowing that there is always something else to learn is a big thing to me as dedicating time weekly to new trainings and assignment keeps me growing as a photographer.