What you need to bring:

  • Your DSLR camera
  • Charged batteries
  • Extra batteries
  • Memory card
  • Camera manual
  • Good will to learn
  • Good mood


Photographing Dark Skin Workshop

To educate intermediate and advanced photographers in the art of low-key and dramatic lighting for portraits when photographing dark skin and groups of different ethnicities using flash. This class will be all done based on the assumption that attendees have a good understanding of photographing in manual exposure and a basic understanding of using flash.

Fee $ 149 per person. All day class. We will break for about one hour for lunch. 

This workshop includes a model for you to practice the concepts you will learn. 

Time for questions and answers all day long while the information is shared and while you photograph.


  • Introduction to dramatic lighting
  • Metering for dark skin
  • Showing details in dark skin
  • Working with different ethnicities
  • Basic tools - what you need
  • Researching - getting inspired
  • Preparing for the session (with a plan B)
  • Creating rapport with your subject
  • Capturing genuine expressions and relaxed portraits
  • Directing your subject
  • Taking control of the session
  • Choosing the right lens for your picture
  • Setting up off-camera flash using speed lights for dark skin
  • Setting up studio lights
  • Adjusting your flash using manual mode
  • Modifiers for dark skin
  • Working with the tools you have available
  • Working with harsh shadows
  • Photographing indoors x outdoors
  • Handling light in any situation
  • Live shoot with models
  • The bag of tricks - what I bring with me
  • Basic workflow
  • Wrapping up