What to bring:

  • Your camera
  • Good mood
  • Willingness to learn

Photography for beginners

This is a class to educate beginners in the camera fundamentals with DSLR cameras

If you just got a new DSLR or are struggling to get some basic concepts of your old one because you don't have time to play with it this is a class for you.

It is a basic class, nothing too technical, but it will help you to figure some stuff out so you can use your camera and have fun.

Fee is $60 per person.


•  Basic tools - understanding the buttons of your camera 

• Setting up your camera out of the box 

• Choosing the right lens for your picture 

• How to photograph indoors and outdoors 

• Understanding what white balance does for you 

• Creative modes x manual mode 

• Photographing in RAW x JPG 

• Basic composition

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Simone Severo