The Twins Project



It all started when I was able to start and finish A Portrait a Day Project in 2015. After getting out and photographing 365 different people, one a day, I published a book "A Portrait a Day: One Photographer's Journey", with all the images and selected stories.

A Portrait a Day got some publicity on TV and some websites and I decided that it would be fun to give some continuity to the personal project that made me grow so much. Mike, my sweetheart, suggested to look for connections, as I connected with so many people in a personal level. He suggested me to photograph sets of twins, triplets or quadruplets, where I am going to do the photographs and he will do the interviews. 

At first, I thought it would be very difficult...until I came across 5 sets of twins on the same day! I thought that was a sign of the universe and a go ahead sign.

In the Twins Project I intend to photograph 52 sets of twins in a year. Mike will interview them (or the parents). I need to have a conversation on the phone first so we can plan the date and details, as each photo session requires me to load equipment and set up studio lights. A book will be published with their portraits and stories, and those images may be used for future promotion and uses according to model releases.

For those interested, there are some rules, stated below.

Rules for the twins project:

  • We need to find a date that works for us and both the twins to photograph them in the same day, together and separate.

  • Mike will do the interviews about their likes and dislikes, personalities, etc.

  • I will bring lights to set up the photo session and photograph the set of twins (or triplets, quadruplets, etc)

  • I will decide how to photograph the participants once I meet them. It will be lovely to photograph their uniqueness!

  • All participants must sign a model release. With minor models the parents sign it.

  • Images will be used for publishing books, contest, promotion, trade, stock, advertising, and anything according to the signed model release. 

  • We will provide a total of 5 images from this session - 2 of each twin and one of both of them together -  both full resolution for printing and low resolution for sharing online.

  • The subjects agree to participate in the regular process of a viewing session where they can pick their chosen 5 images. If participants wish to order anything that would be great, they will be able to order in this session at regular prices, but it is ok if they don't.

  • There is no obligation of ordering any images.

  • We do ask participants to helps us to promote Simone Vision Photography by showing off their images and sending us referrals for future photo sessions.

  • Participants also agree to receive information and news from Simone Vision Photography by having their name automatically entered into our email list to keep in touch.