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How to set up a Home Studio - $ 50

  • 8167 Cooper River Dr Colorado Springs, CO, 80920 United States (map)

How to set up a home studio

From 6:30pm to 8:30 pm

$ 50.00 per person


To provide you with knowledge and confidence necessary to plan and set up a photography studio at home so you can develop your portfolio at your own pace. Whether you are into people photography or product photography of any kind the information on this class will help you to plan your space and create your own studio to fit your needs.


For basic and intermediate level students who are thinking of setting up a home studio to develop their photography skills but are not quite sure about what to get


This is a class where you will be introduced to different kinds of equipment, learn about the "lingo" of what is called what and what is used for what.

This is not a lighting class, but an opportunity to know the difference between the kinds of stands, lights, modifiers, difference between hot lights, cool lights, flash lights, and how much room you should plan for different kinds of studio needs.

If you are thinking of investing in lights but don't know what to get, or if you are ready to go to the next level and want to take your hobby more seriously by studying light in a studio environment, this is a good class for you.

There is no model in this class. There is no photography taken in this class.

I created this class based on the so many questions people have when they are ready to invest in themselves by acquiring studio lights. The internet is great but when you are starting to think about acquiring a lighting system, everything seems confusing and overwhelming.

You will come to my home studio, and see how I work with the space I have.

You will learn about what you really need x what you want, and learn about the basic equipment x wish list for your future growth.

You will save a LOT of money buy not buying the things you don't need to start with!


• Introduction to studio equipment

• Background choices

• Room needs for each kind of photography (portraits, headshots, families, jewelry, food,etc)

• Layout design: bad, good, better, best

• Equipment needs

• Continuous lighting  x flash lighting

• Flash heads, powerpacks, monolights, modeling lamps

• Light Modifiers and accessories

• Creating your table top area for small products/still life

• What you really NEED x WANT

• HMI/LED, Hot Lights, Cool Lights, Fresnel, Flash

• Wireless triggers: radio triggers, infrared triggers, sync cords

• Lightstands

• Flashmeter

• Budget for each kind of studio set up

• Resource list with website, links, brands and prices

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