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The KISS Studio Lighting Foundation - $ 80

  • 8167 Cooper River Dr Colorado Springs, CO, 80920 United States (map)
  • Do you know what KISS Lighting is?
  • Do you feel afraid of using flash?
  • Do you feel like it is time to learn how to use studio lighting?
  • How about to learn about it and to have a model to practice at the same time?

Come to the KISS Lighting! The KISS Lighting Workshop, or 'Keep It Simple Stupid' Lighting Workshop, will give you a foundation of studio lighting (studio flash) so you can learn studio lighting and put into practice.

The KISS Lighting is a fundamental class to show you all the equipment, teach you how to use just one light, what kinds of results you can get from only one light, and give you general knowledge about using studio lights.

If you are getting to the point where you would like to explore studio lighting, this is the perfect introductory class, since we are keeping it simple, because it is just ONE LIGHT.

After you take this class, you will have a foundation ground so you can play with studio lights and get ready for other workshops, such as low key lighting, high key lighting, lighting styles, etc.

We will explore:

• what KISS Lighting really is 
• how many ways you can use the KISS Lighting 
• the simplicity of one light 
• how to set up the light 
• where to place the light 
• how to meter the light 
• camera settings for one light 
• the many results from one light 
• types of modifiers 
• controlling one light with modifiers

Requirement to attend the class:

• Basic knowledge of photography. It is a beginner’s class on studio lighting 
• A DSLR camera 
• You need to use MANUAL mode in your camera (I will explain settings) 
• You need to have Canon or Nikon brands for this workshop if you want to use my wireless triggers with my studio lights (my wireless triggers will not work with other brands – I learned the hard way!) OR you need to have a compatible adapter from your camera brand to a standard hot shoe that works for Nikon and Canon.

This workshop is 4 hours long and will include a model for you to practice KISS Lighting. It is ONE LIGHT ONLY in a lot of different ways. It is one of my favorite classes to teach and the one people benefit the most in taking, since it is the fundamental ground for all the other classes about studio lighting.

The cost is $ 80.00 per person. Minimum of 4 people.

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