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Portraits anywhere

  • Rampart Park 8270 Lexington Dr Colorado Springs, CO, 80920 United States (map)

Portraits anywhere is a hands-on workshop to teach you to be ready to shoot portraits anywhere, with or without flash. You will learn what  to look for in any location,  learn about the possibilities of working at any location and learn to use what you have available. 

I will show you in real life, what I look for at arriving in any place, and what is the thinking behind a choice of location, lens, angle or light.

I will talk about preparing for the session, asking questions that will help you to compose your picture, how lenses can change your composition,  perspective and depth of field, which lenses will help you more and why,  adding and subtracting light, creative composition. 

I will talk about having a photo in mind when creating a photo, so you can transform, crop, process and have the final image afterwards just as you saw it in your head.

I will pair you up with somebody in the group so you can work together,discuss the options, work on an idea and make it work. I may even give you an assignment, a problem to be solved or idea to be executed, so you have more hands on.

You should create one portrait you are proud of in this workshop.

I will also explain my thinking behind an idea and show you some options to solve a location problem. 

This will be a creative and practical workshop where I will show you that you can actually shoot portraits anywhere.