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Low-Key Studio Lighting

  • To be announced based on number of participants (map)

Low key lighting is the kind photography that produces a low key photograph with a dark tonal range. It is known as a style of lighting that plays with light and shadows in a dramatic way, usually with high contrast and dark tones. This is the famous "chiaroscuro" style from the Renaissance that gave us Caravaggio and Rembrandt.  This kind of lighting is used to create dramatic portraits, high impact images and anything you want to highlight by controlling the dark tones and subtracting light.

You will use my studio lighting (flash). You don't need a flash to participate in this workshop.


• what "low key" exactly means

• which is the most common set up for low key photography

• how to set up the lights

• where to place the lights

• how to meter the lights

• camera settings for low key photography

• how you add depth to the subject

• how you control contrast

• how you fill shadows

• how to create a moody image

This workshop is 4 hours long and will include a model for you to practice the concepts of low key photography.

The cost is $ 99.00 per person. 

DISCLAIMER: my wireless triggers will work with cameras with a standard hot shoe. Please read your manual so you can enable your camera to work with the wireless triggers as some cameras have an auto mode or off mode that prevents the triggers to fire the flash unless the correct setting is enabled on camera. 

If you have questions, call 719.963.0481 or email me.

Thank you!