Here are a few words from those who have taken my photography workshops for beginners or other lighting classes. Reviews are all voluntary!

Thank you Simone Severo for another great workshop. You truly are a Master at your craft!
— Jeanette Falu-Bishop, Understanding Manual Exposure
WOW!!! This was a FANTASTIC workshop. Simone is a great teacher. Through the course of the day’s instruction, she walked us through the technical basics, the technical details, then the artistic nuances of low-key lighting photography. She made sure everyone was following her as she went, asking for questions, and taking the time to ensure all of us understood the ins-and-outs of the techniques for this type of shoot. I highly recommend this workshop not only to folks interested specifically in low-key lighting, but to anyone who is generally interested in portraiture. What you’ll learn is worth far, far more than the price of the workshop!
— Jack Niday, Low-Key Studio Lighting Workshop
SO informative. I learned things I never knew, and relearned things I forgot. Now it’s just time to wait for them there fall colors to make their appearance. Thank you so much, Simone! (You’re seriously amazing.)
— Leslie Martin, Preparing for Fall Colors
It shows that you do a lot of preparations…I was impressed with your understanding and ability to communicate the use of light in photography. It’s the best explanation I have ever heard on the subject. I learned so much…and I look forward to your next session. It’s rare to find someone so knowledgeable and talented and still able to teach others.
— Jacquie Hilaire, KISS Studio Lighting
Simone was great and MORE than met my expectations. She provided so much information on the topic that my Note taking application in my Iphone if full.Thank you.
— Marlene Finn, Preparing for Fall Colors
This was a good class, very informative. Simone was well prepared and covered her material thoroughly. Simone during her class mentioned aperture, f-stops, and such in a way that made sense to me and it all finally clicked together
— Shelly Zoucha Henderson, Understanding Exposure
This was a really great learning experience. Simone’s expertise in setting up the lighting and explaining why she set it up that way was great.
— Craig Lewis, Studio Lighting
Simone presented the elements of composition in a very clear & easy to understand format supported by fantastic examples. A very professional presentation worthy of repeat.
— Phillip Kimble, Fundamentals of Composition
Once again Simone shows her passion for photography in the way that she teaches. She is very thorough and makes sure that everyone understands what is being taught before moving on. Very interactive class and well worth the time and money spent!!
— Dora Williams, Kiss Studio Lighting
This was an amazing workshop. This was my first foray into any kind of class for studio lighting. The class size was perfect. Simone’s teaching style was excellent. She gave us so many lighting situations and the three models were very patient with us all.
— Debbie Payne, KISS Studio Lighting
This was my first class with you and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I took away from your teaching. I definitely feel your passion and I think it speaks to my own passion and I appreciate that, so thank you!

I have many years behind my own cameras, but I am still fairly basics in some aspects…I am looking forward to attending more of your classes.
— Carolyn Sharp, Preparing for Fall Colors
I learned so much from Simone! Thank you for being such a thorough, hands-on, and friendly instructor. I am looking forward to taking additional workshops in the future!
— Avery, Low-Key Studio Lighting Workshop
Thank you Simone for your patience, as a newbie it was easy to follow and when I looked lost, you gently got me on board with the rest. Thank you, I plan to attend future workshops.
— Kathie Martin, Window Light Portraits

Great class! I learned a lot. Simone was very prepared and had a wonderful Power Point presentation. I also enjoyed seeing the framed photographs that she used as an example. Thanks!
— Sondra Meyer, Preparing for Fall Colors
Great class! Simone walked us through all of the various techniques to use for natural light portraits. Don’t forget the “bag of tricks”! Excellent class, can’t wait to try this out on the kids.
— Dan Martinez, Window Light Portraits
Great class! Wonderful models. Inspirational setting. Fantastic light.
— Tom Croak, Windows, Arches, and Doorways at Cliff Dwellings
Great models and instruction. Now I know how magazines like ESPN do it.
— Randy Poll, Edgy Lighting Workshop

Whether you are a working or aspiring pro, or simply one who wants to make some money as more of a hobbyist, Simone’s information is applicable. Her information is extremely comprehensive and detailed.
— Kent Childress, Workflow for a Successful Photo Shoot
It was a great discussion on where to start and how to end a shoot. Simone knows the business and the art.
— Michael Clancey, Workflow for a Successful Photo Shoot
Simone….you are a great teacher!

Wonderful and informative class! So much helpful information and presented with enthusiasm and expertise!
— Marsha Gunnels Frink, Preparing for Fall Colors
There was a wealth of smiles, warmth and education. It was well orchestrated and genuinely, refreshingly full of insight and interaction. I will definitely be putting the knowledge gained there to good use. My “shopping list” grew tremendously, but it gives me bonus incentive to shoot even more, more, more (With my passion for photography and people, that’s a constant regardless, but now there is more of a monetary incentive, too~WINK !). I enjoyed the people in the group and the content, too. So very nice. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again and to learning as much as possible, as well.
— Candy Ellison, Introduction to Studio Lighting

Really great info from Simone, everything from client communications to how to handle a model. Would recommend to any budding professional photographer.
— Ryan Fonkert, Workflow for a Successful Photo Shoot
The workshop was excellent. The instruction was hands on and very instructive. The models were very cooperative and it was a pleasure to have them pose.
— John Hareen, KISS Studio Lighting