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My name is Simone Severo, your personal photographer here at Simone Vision Photography.

I create magazine style photo shoots in Colorado Springs, the kind that makes you feel and look like you belong on a cover of a magazine.

Lighting is my voice. I believe my God given talent is to see the light from within. I use my talent to reveal your light. To make you feel empowered, surprised, elegant, beautiful, strong. To create your dream photo shoot. Wether you are looking for headshots and personal branding or to have a beauty photo shoot, I look forward to show you your best YOU.

Please take a look at my work, watch some videos, or sign up for my mailing list and contact me to schedule your session. I will be delighted to photograph you in the best light possible.

If you are interested in reading a little about self-confidence, an amazing side effect of having a photo session, I recommend reading an article I found online about it:

If you are not sure you yet about what you want, give me a call. I truly love people and I would be happy to answer any questions.

I am here to serve you.

God bless!

With gratitude,

Simone Severo

Simone Vision Photography

Check the experience you will go through when having a session with me. Press the triangle button in the middle of the image below to play the video.

In October 2018 I sent the video below to SONY for their Alpha Female Contest. They did not pick me but I wanted to share my story, so I decided to make it public so people get to know me. Press the triangle button to play the video below. This is the story of my American dream:

One of my clients let me video her testimony about her experience with me. I feel honored! Check it out by playing the video below.

To check my portfolio please click in the links below

Portfolio 1 - Beauty and more artistic images

Portfolio 2 - Headshots, personal branding and more dramatic looks.


Want to learn photography?

I teach private classes and I run a photography group where we have classes, workshops and field trips every month.

If you are interested in learning more about it, please send me an email or join the group at

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