Portrait Photographer, Simone Severo. Colorado Springs, CO. 719.963.0481. 

Portraits are forever. Check the experience you will go through when having a portrait session with me.

In October 2018 I sent the video below to SONY for their Alpha Female Contest. They did not pick me but I wanted to share my story, so I decided to make it public so people get to know me. This is the story of my American dream:

I am a portrait photographer. I love the challenge of using light to create something unique. 

I like to create images that make you feel beautiful and proud. I love that photographs have the power to make you feel something, make you relive a story, or a moment, and they get incorporated into your story.

Lighting is my voice. I believe my God given talent is to see the light from within. I use my talent to tell your story. To make you feel empowered, surprised, elegant, beautiful, strong.

I will be honored to photograph you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Simone Severo


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