Portrait Photographer, Simone Severo. Colorado Springs, CO. 719.963.0481.


The experience of having beauty and glamour portraits taken goes way beyond a click.

A portrait session with Simone Vision photography is a luxury experience. A full service experience.

You see and touch beautiful products, get a complete makeover with hair stylist and makeup artist, play dress up with multiple dresses, drink and eat, laugh until you cry and get to feel like a super model, quality time and knowledge that will result in the best portraits of yourself.

The best of all, your experience will end up in tangible products and wall wart with fine art portraits to decorate your home. Our most wanted collection is the collection with all 20 photographs printed and matted, in our all leather box, custom handmade in Italy by an artisan with your favorite image being the cover of the box PRINTED ON LEATHER.

Take a peek at how you spend the day with Simone Vision Photography in the videos below and the photos that follow.

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